Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Princes join Bond on YouTube film

Princes join Bond on YouTube film

This is a short advertisement where famous people like Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, The Dalai Lama and lots more join normal people like schoolchildren in the UK and Africa to make viewers conscious about saving the rainforest. At the end of the advertisement comes the surprise: the Princes of Wales also make an attempt to convince us about the importance of saving the rainforest with not too much words. Fortunately, Prince Charles makes a better work of it at the end of the commercial. After seeing it, we all have a cosy feeling and want to adopt a frog immediately.

My opinion

Hopefully this is a successful campaign to help us improve the environment. I always applaud the fact that famous or important people enlace their hands for a good cause.
In this case I have a doubt. Two questions arise in my head after viewing the Princes’ advertisement: do they really care about the environment? Or is this a very well prepared campaign to repair the image of the Princes who have not been behaving properly the last years? I have not decided yet. And you? Watch the commercial on the link below and make up your mind...

Jessica van Bragt

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