Friday, 5 June 2009

Girl died after being starved by mother

A seven year old girl named Khyra from Birmingham died after being kept prisoner by her own mother and her partner. The girl died of severe bronchial pneumonia and septicaemia (blood poisoning) as a result of severe malnutrition. According to pictures shown by prosecutor Timothy Ragatt QC, the couple had cupboards filled with plenty of food and a packed fridge. They kept Khyra and five other children prisoner in a locked room and fed them occasionally porridge, dry bread or fruit. The children were also beaten, stabbed or made to overeat if they were caught grabbing food. The prosecutor says: "It's just as much murder... as if they had shot, stabbed, beaten or strangled Khyra to death,".

My reaction

I really cannot believe people are able to do something like this. When I look to my kids and see their smiling faces, all my worries vanish instantly. How can a mother let her kid starve to death? When my kids do not want to eat I get really nervous and worried about their health and it makes me feel very bad. Then, a whole Broadway Show begins due to make my kids have another bite of that wonderful food that gives you magical powers...Really exhausting....

Sometimes I think that people should be tested before they have kids to see if they really are capable to have them and to deal with them. If that could be possible, there would be less children abuses and murders. This is just one of those thoughts you have while you are doing the dishes.