Monday, 6 July 2009

Coffee 'may reverse Alzheimer's'

According to a new study in the US ‘drinking five cups of coffee a day could reverse memory problems seen by Alzheimer’s disease’. It seems that caffeine stops the production of a special protein in the brains. Big amounts of this protein become a plaque in the brain which is the hallmark of Alzheimer. Although, this study does not mean that Alzheimer patients should begin drinking coffee or taking caffeine supplements massively. The research is still going on and has been done only on mice. Scientist do not know if the effect on humans would be the same but it is suggested that caffeine could delay the effects of Alzheimer and protect against vascular dementia.

My reaction

It is so comforting reading and writing about this subject and taking a swig of my, yes indeed, fifth cup of coffee today! I am on schedule! I guess the reasons why people that are addicted to coffee do not get Alzheimer is simply because they died of a hart attack before the plaque in their brains begun to develop…Just joking. I am a coffee addict and I hope to live very very long. Anyway, it is good news and a very good excuse to keep drinking coffee, especially cappuccino and other specialties coffee. Great! Let us go to Starbucks and begin the war against Alzheimer! I am in! Hopefully is moccacino a good weapon too!

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