Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Scientists claim sperm 'first'

At a laboratory in Newcastle scientists are investigating in how to create sperm from stem cells which were extracted from donated human embryos. These cells were stored in tanks with liquid nitrogen. They were brought to human temperature in a special chemical mixture that encouraged the cells to grow. The cells underwent the process of meiosis, which means that female sperms halve the number of chromosomes. This process took six weeks and then fully matured, mobile sperm was ready to go. Even though the investigation is really young, it is very promising for couples who have problems with fertility. This could be a solution for those couples to finally have their own child.

My reaction

It is very comforting to know that in a couple of years, people that have problems getting ‘pregnant’ could become parents of their own child...But, how far should we go using science? We are already manipulating embryos to prevent the birth of disabled children, we are already investigating on stem cells to create clones...Yes yes, I know, it is supposed to cure people. But what if there comes a moment when all this investigations are not enough? Science goes on and grows with society and society is insatiable. We always want more, it is never enough. I am afraid that we are heading towards a world of ‘humans’ from manipulated sperms and cells. I guess Aldous Huxley was not being very unrealistic at all. Is that the world we want for our children? And how do we know that science will stay on the hands of the right people? How about the poor children in poor countries that are dying of hunger or as a victim of a war. If you really want to have a child because you want to care and give love to a living creature and you cannot have your own, adopt one. Do not they deserve a better home? I suggest letting nature do her thing and use science to cure. The miracles are in God’s hands.

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