Monday, 6 July 2009

Inquiry into zoo's chimp escape

Last week, 30 chimpanzees escaped their enclosure at Chester’s Zoo. How the animals got out of their enclosure is not known yet, but it is certain that they were dragged by the smell of food, specially bananas and other fruit. One of the kitchen’s workers discovered one chimp in the keepers’ area where the chimp’s food is prepared. Later, the whole group of chimpanzees was having an ‘old fashioned tea party’ at the kitchen. Fortunately, the kitchen is situated in an area where visitors are not aloud to be, but the Zoo’s director decided to evacuate the Zoo. Chimpanzees are intelligent and very strong animals and could injure someone. Refunds were offered to the visitors after the evacuation was completed.

My reaction

When I was a little girl I went to a Safari Park where the chimps walked freely around the Park. One got lucky and ripped my sandwich out of my hands with a lot of force. That scared me to death. The chimp ran away with my sandwich in his hands, very happy. I could imagine how exciting and also scary would have been to zoo visitors to suddenly see 30 chimps coming towards you, making noise…. Really awesome, but dangerous too. Although, I would have liked to see the scene in the kitchen, it must have been like the scene in Jumanji. It is a good thing that the director of the zoo decided to evacuate the area, it is better to be safe than to be worry. Compliments!

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