Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Why is Man In The Mirror suddenly a hit?

Since the death of Michael Jackson, his song Man in the Mirror has become number two on the hit lists in the UK. Why is this song suddenly popular among the public, especially the ones that were not really Michael Jackson’s fans? The song, which failed to make the Top 20 on its release 20 years ago, is now one of the best selling songs in the UK. According to Matt Blank, spokesman of the Michael Jackson’s website in the UK, it is especially the message of the song that appeals to people. Michael Jackson shows the world that if we want to make the world better, we will have to start by looking to ourselves and improving our life and behaviour towards others. Moreover, the song is not too fast and happy but not too slow either, which makes it an ideal song to listen to in this period of ‘mourning’.

My reaction

As a real Michael Jackson fan I have to say that I have always liked Man in the Mirror, it is one of my favourite songs. The lyrics are appealing to me, the sound, the melody but especially the way the song develops makes my blood boil, in a positive way. In this song you can really hear the gospel roots of Michael Jackson and he drags you at the end of it into a stage of trance where you only want to sing louder and louder and dance forever. It is a promising song, it gives you hope and a positive feeling. It is loaded with passion and perseverance. Michael Jackson calls us not to give up, to follow our dreams and to be the best we can be, not only for ourselves but also for our beloved ones. Michael Jackson has been my companion during my adolescent years; he was always there with his music, in good and in bad moments. He has been an inspiration for me in a lot of ways and I am convinced that he, besides my parents, has made a better person of me. He has helped me to grow and to mature and to express myself and I am intensely thankful to him for all that. I will never, never forget him. I am using this article to make my own little tribute to someone that, from my point of view, was a real artist with an authentic talent. Michael, it has been an honour to have you as my idol!

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